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Legal Advice on Wills and Estates

A will is a legal document that says how you want your estate to be divided once you die. Your estate includes what you own (called assets) and what you owe (called liabilities). An up-to-date will can help your estate representative deal with your estate when you die. At Anniko, Hunter Law Corporation, our team provides legal advice and thorough consultations on the matters regarding wills and estates law. Contact us to know more about our legal services.


Preparing Power of Attorney Documents

A power of attorney serves many purposes. It is often used to grant someone else the power to sign a contract for the principal. It can also be used to share the principal's authority to do financial transactions, make health care decisions, and sign legal documents that the principal cannot do for one reason or another. Its documentation can also be limited to authorizing someone to perform specific tasks on your behalf and you can always revise or revoke your power of attorney. 


We are a trusted law firm with years of experience in the power of attorney law. To speak to us, book an appointment today.


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